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The music IS the most important part of any Wedding Reception, Company Party, Anniversary Party, or any special occasion. You and your guests won't remember after a day or two what color the bridesmaids dresses were, what you had for dinner, or even how good the dinner was. All in all, those things do not matter that much in the true scheme of things. It's the ENTERTAINMENT and the MUSIC that will be remembered most by everyone. I will do my best to see that your young cousins and your grandparents all have something played that they can relate to and I will take their requests. My equipment is professional, reliable DJ Gear. I use a Denon MK 111 dual CD player, a third CD player, 2 Tape Decks, and I bring TWO high powered amplifiers. One is a QSC that is hooked up, and a Carver waiting underneath to use for backup in case the QSC won't work (which has not happened yet) but I am ready for any equipment failure. When required, the speakers are high up on tripod stands. The speakers and cases are custom made by me to my specifications. I can also provide vinyl and turntables if you wish. I subscribe to two DJ music services and receive discs on a monthly basis to keep my music library current with the top 40 dance hits. The music will be YOUR requests and your guests requests when appropriate. Any song title or artist that you do not want played will not be played. All you have to do is let me know.

The music will be beat mixed when possible and the volume is totally up to you. You'll hear a wide variety of dance music to cover all the age groups present so that all will participate and have fun. I will play as many requests as possible. I encourage line dancing and play popular line dance music. The selection of music is VERY important, and can make or break your Party. You will have thousands of selections from which to choose. There are several hundred popular recordings that have proven to have mass appeal. You are sure to hear many of these, but you can only play so many in 6 hours, so they must be selected carefully. The songs must be dance-able. There is only one thing you and your guests will remember about the reception or party, the MUSIC. Without the proper music and interactive Entertainment it will be a total flop. If you want a song that I don't have and it's available, I'll buy it for you, or if you wish, I'll play any of your CD's provided they are in good condition. It probably will not be necessary to do so because you will have a selection of over 10,000 of the latest and greatest classic Dance Music ever recorded provided for you and your guests. To choose from a list of the most popular songs chosen by requests from guests and clients Go Here.


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