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The First Dance
The "Stars" of the evening start out the show - the Bride and Groom only. You will dance to a special love song chosen by You and Your Fiancé'. This song is one that you will remember for the rest of your lives. You can choose to dance to this all alone, or have the bridal party introduced and join in at midpoint of the song if you wish, but a small bridal party is needed to accomplish this in this manner. This is "Your Song" and it should be one you both agree on and one that has special meaning regarding how you feel for one another.

The Bridal Dance
This is where your second chosen love song begins to play and the members of the bridal party are now introduced as couples one by one. A good choice in songs for this dance would be something such as "That's what friends are for", but you can choose what ever song you would like for this dance as well. It's all up to you. It's YOUR Choice.

Father/Daughter Mother/Son Dance
This is the Traditional Father Daughter Dance, where the bride's father "Gives away" his daughter to the groom. The music played will once again be your choice, something such as "Daddy's Little Girl". We can then commence with the Mother/Son Dance with a different song of your choice, or combine the two with one dance and your appropriate chosen song.

Let me call You Sweetheart Dance
This Dance is done after the initial First Dance, Bridal Party, and Father/Daughter Dance. Prior to this dance your Host will ask the Bridal Party and any other guests who wish to join in to form a circle around the dance floor and the bride and groom will dance within the center of the circle. The Bridal Party, and any other guests who wish to join in, will then pace around the Bride and Groom and close in on you when they see fit to make you get close. This Dance begins the fun for the evening and serves to break the ice for the newlyweds and their guests. This has always proved to be a lot of fun, but it is optional, and you can choose not to do this if that is your preference.

Cake Cutting
This Wedding Tradition is usually done right after Dinner, but like everything else, that can be changed and done later in the evening at the time you specify. For this tradition I usually play "The Bride cuts the Cake" or "Cut the Cake" by the Average White Band, but again, the song played for this is totally up to you if you wish to change it to something else. Your Photographer will usually help you to show how to do this as he takes pictures for this traditional event, but we are also there to help.

Bouquet and Garter Toss
At this time I will ask the bride and groom to make their way to the dance floor for the Bouquet & Garter toss. Your photographer will probably pose you as I start this Traditional Event. I will ask for all single ladies to please come to the dance floor, so that our bride may toss her bouquet. I will usually request that all the single ladies be 18 years of age or older, but that requirement is up to you. The Bride will throw the Bouquet to the single ladies at the count of 3 with your choice of music playing. Now that we have a recipient of the bouquet, it is time for the groom to remove the garter from the leg of his lovely new bride usually to the tune of "The Stripper" or any other song you choose. Once we have the recipient's of the bouquet and garter, it's now time for MORE fun! I will state that "as Tradition dictates, the bride and groom will have 7 years good luck for every inch above the knee the garter is put on the leg of the girl who caught the bouquet" this begins now with the same song played in the background. It will be done tastefully, and I will use my discretion if a younger guest happens to catch either the garter or bouquet. If a young guest under 18 is found to be the recipient, I will just ask for all to pose with the bride and groom for a picture. We can start out that way if you wish, it's up to You.

Let's All dance
After the formal dances have been completed, we will invite everyone to join in on the dance floor. This is where we start to jam with something like "The Electric Slide". Also in this set, I will play older popular dance music to get everyone involved in dancing like "The Twist" and a couple polkas, but I'm always open for requests. A list of your ideas and suggestions usually works best, as I'm not only interested in what you would like to have played, I will also adhere to the songs that you do not want, but please take into consideration the music preferences of your guests when eliminating song titles. If a guest requests a song you have chosen not to be played, I will tell them that your request was to eliminate that song. You can change your mind if you like, it's all up to you .

The Anniversary Dance
This is a special dance that has been done in many ways. The way I like to do this is we invite the bride and groom to the dance floor, and in doing so I also invite all of the married couples in attendance to join the bride and groom on the dance floor. Once every married couple is dancing to a slow song I ask for anyone who has been married for one day or less (usually it's the bride and groom, unless one of your guests got married that day & we didn't know about it!!) to please make their way to the side of the dance floor, so that we may form a circle around the dance floor with other guests who will soon be eliminated. Other guest's will be eliminated by five year intervals, until we end up with the couple that has been married the longest, and then I ask the bride and groom to join this couple. A nice touch to this dance is have the bride and groom present this couple with a token of appreciation. A round of applause will be generated by your host for them.

Back to Dancing and Group Dances
As the reception progresses, the music will change to the latest and most current dance music towards the end of the night. Classics such as "Shout" And "Love Shack" may still mixed in to keep everyone dancing and having a good time. It all depends on you and your guests requests.

Five Star Service
The microphone presentations will see to it that YOU, the bride and groom, or guest's) of honor, are the center of attention. You'll both be congratulated throughout the entire evening. I'll arrive at your location 90 minutes before your guests. When they arrive everything will be set up. I will be in my tuxedo or appropriate dress at the agreed upon starting time. Your host will be an experienced Professional MC. All the introductions and announcements will be handled Professionally, and the events will be scheduled exactly in the order you prefer. I can change any of the above traditional events to suit your taste.

I will NOT drink any alcohol, and I will NOT Sub-Contract your DJ Entertainment out to some other DJ Service unless a serious illness requires me to do so. I WILL provide interaction with your guests and have fun things to do besides dance, but I will NOT wear a chicken hat or play a rubber guitar.

I WILL meet with you a month in advance to discuss your preferences and I WILL work closely with your photographer and caterer when the time comes. The service is PERSONAL and customized to your taste. The music will also be of the variety you select. You can even select the exact artists you wish to be played for the dinner music. The most important thing perhaps is that the entertainer who will show up on that important night will be the person you speak with. You can be sure you will be provided with an experienced DJ, NOT a trainee. You have peace of mind knowing that you did hire a Pro. You can also view an actual video clips shot of a reception or party in the Portfolio I will send out to you or you can view a few sample video clips located HERE and You will know exactly what to expect!


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