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WELCOME to Cleveland Ohio Wedding DJ Five Star Entertainment's  Video Clips Page. Here are twenty video clips shot from actual past performances for you to review. These videos show you exactly what you can expect from my service. This is not one clip with all the best 5 second clips rolled into one to make it look good. This is exactly how it was performed on that particular evening. The announcements and introductions will be handled in a very professional manner. My voice will be clear and authoritative and not muffled. The Dance floor will be filled with exciting lights, even when the slow dancing takes place, a room filling mirror ball with be setting the mood. The link to Guests Comments shows how I go from table to table getting comments from your guests on the tape.  Five Star Entertainment service will send you actual video clips like these in my portfolio should you request it.

We don't use chicken hats  or inflatable guitars . Some people like when the DJ does that, but that's not our style. Occasionally we will use Hula hoops for the kids if present. Our goal is to provide our clients with professional entertainment that will have you, and your guests dancing the night away, but without the "cheese Factor" or the DJ who has the need to be the center of attention. You might say that our gimmick is our professionalism. We don't draw attention to ourselves, we draw attention to the Bride and Groom or client.
The videos will take a minute to download, so
please be patient.

Introduction into room Hey Ya Get this Party Started
Introduction 2 Music Mr. DJ Lets Shout
Introduction 3 It's Electric The Locomotion
Introduction 4 It's all for YOU Clients comment
Introduction  5 Larger than life End of night
Sweetheart Dance Wild Thing Ending my way

For Guests Comments as I go from table to table CLICK HERE.
For another actual clip from the end of the night

To hear what a major league baseball pitcher's wife had to say CLICK HERE.
(He had already taken his Tux off)


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